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Employee Reward & Retention

Where do most employees stare during the majority of their day? We wish they could all have the view of our clients above that are jetboating in the Lord of Rings territory of New Zealand.

However, most spend a large portion their day looking at their computer screen.  How do we leverage that focus to keep staff engaged and feeling appreciated?

Partnering with one to the top Gamified Digital Rewards platforms, we are thrilled to bring our clients the option of customizing Gamified Dashboards that address  and provide incentives for those activities you are trying to modify, shift or reward,  such as:

  • Sales Competitions
  • A Peer-to-Peer Pat on the Back
  • Divisional Goal Achievements
  • Customer Care Excellence
  • Quarterly Team Goal Achievement

The Gamification Dashboards, with Instant Rewards available from 60+ Top US Vendors, will keep the motivation going throughout the year. This is also available to International staff in over 80 Countries, so we can build out a Global Team Rewards Campaign.

 Red Pin Incentives COMBO ALERT

We love to combine our ‘tools’ for ultimate reward and recognition. First, we could do the Personality Profiling of the staff in each division, then build out the goals with each Department Head. Once we have our plan, we could do a Launch Party to kick off the new digital competition that will give employees a continual ‘pat on the back’ throughout the year.  We could also plan the ultimate kick off to the new year with a Sale Conference with all staff to rollout new goals and the gamified competitions.  Ultimately, the TOP Producers in each division win the Annual President’s Circle Travel Incentive Trip.

Customer Reward & Retention

Of course, Loyal Customers are the ultimate prize of a company and vital to sustainable growth. We can use this tool to reward Loyal Customers and the staff that interface with them.

What behavior would you want to reward with your clients and prospects?

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