Where to next?

Here are the steps to learn if one or a combination of our motivational tools will help you incentivize your staff or customers.


  1. Set a meeting or conference call to review your ‘pain points’ and establish your goals
  2. Meet to review the Strategic Plan & Select the elements you want to go forward
  3. Sit back and watch the professional team of RPI execute!

NOTE:  You can start with one of our motivational tactics or we can customize an integrated plan with all the tools below for a proactive plan that helps keep sales goals peaking at the right quarterly time.

More importantly, with the high cost of staff replacement, a combination of the tactics can help with retention and help staff engage better with their colleagues for a more cohesive and productive workforce.

Recap of Services to book with Red Pin Incentives

  • Personality Profiling and Subsequent Team review
  • Team Building can be added to these Personality reviews to emphasis how the different team personalities work best together, or these can be created as a stand-alone event
  • Create and execute a customized Digital Gamification Dashboard with ready to go Rewards from over 60 top Retails, to keep your staff on track daily with sales goals, department goals, peer to peer recognition and customer recognition
  • Kick off the year with an Off-Site Sales Meeting to review the year, roll out new strategy for the new year. We can manage the whole event with Award Dinners and Team Building mixed in
  • Set the standard high with the ultimate International or Domestic Travel Incentive that will raise the bar of performance for those that attend and for those that will strive to attend annually
  • Live Events Professionally Executed – Board Meetings, Product Launches, VIP Client events, Annual User Conferences and Brand Activations