Live Event Engagement

Deadlines are rolling in, end of month is looming, and your To-Do List is growing. With everything on your plate, you just don't have the bandwidth to also plan that quarterly meeting...

Let us help you be more productive and take the work of meeting planning off your plate once and for all. We will quickly pin down your meeting needs, source amazing venues, and execute to ensure flawless events.

Let us help you shine!

Sales Conferences & Board Meetings

Kicking off the year with an off-site Sales Meeting or important Board Retreat can set the tone for the year’s success.  We have seen first hand for the last few decades the productive nature of these events, when the walls come down in a new hotel or resort environment, and realistic goals are set for the new year.

From our 20 plus years of experience across many industry sectors from pharma to technology, our team at Red Pin Incentives can provide our clients with the very best in event creation, destination selection, planning, group travel, registration, budget management, and executing an overall seamless event.

Your professionalism and dedication to every detail of our conference was exceptional to say the least.'
Haruyuki (Harry) Machida, Managing Director, Sony Australia

Team Building

We provide teams of all sizes with collaborative experiences which enhance performance, engagement, and productivity in the workplace.

Whether your budget allows for a conference on an island with a Sand Castle Building Competition or we need to do a Build Your Own Card Board Boxes Race in the hotel pool, we are masters at engaging co-workers.


Leveraging the location available, we find curated and personalized ways to bring out the playful side of all your staff.  From a Car Rally through Tasmania, where teams were tasked to use their Sony camera to create a Tourism Video of the area, to Sailing Regattas,  where team members take on the varied roles of sailing and work together in new ways, we find that barriers break down while having fun and valuable personality strengths of your team are detected.

Our Team Building can be created as stand-alone events or combined with a Personality Profiling session to really emphasize strengths and the best ways to work with your co-workers.

Additionally, we love incorporating Team Building and Corporate Social Responsibility into our client’s off-sight Sale Conferences. Diving into the local culture of a destination, we can build out engaging Scavenger Hunts to explore the city we are in, or create Brewery Tours & Trivia and work with specific team interests.

A La Carte - Event Services

Other Events we can help our clients produce and have done so extensively:

  • Sponsorship Activations
  • Product Launches
  • VIP Client Events
  • Brand Roll Out
  • Client Experiences
  • User Conferences
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Engagement

Red Pin Incentives can fully produce your event and make you look like the hero!


Additional A La Carte 

We are also happy to provide assistance and expert knowledge with some of these individual tasks to help you bring your events over the line and a grand success. 

Here are some of our a la carte services:

  • Hotel Sourcing
  • Contract Management
  • Budget Control
  • Registration Management
  • Travel Management
  • Event Marketing
  • Design/Theming
  • Awards Night
  • Team Building
  • Speaker Sourcing & Management
  • Strategic Planning (we have seen it all…happy to give our advice)

Ready for more?

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