Personality Profiling / Employee Engagement

Sony ITP Daydream Island (Australia)
Sony ITP Daydream Island (Australia)

We believe that Employees are the ‘building blocks’ of a company. They can make or break your company’s success. Yet, how does a company go about finding, and retaining, staff that reflect their brand and are able to stay motivated all year?

For decades, our founder at Red Pin Incentives has incorporated Personality Profiling into her client’s live events at Sales Conferences or Team Building exercises.   It is always an ‘ah-ha moment’ when people figure out their own unique personality traits and the traits of their co-workers.

Today, we are thrilled to be working with one of the top Corporate Coaches and Personality Profiling specialists, Bonnie Moore, whom is an expert across all the profiling tools. With her decades of experience, she has narrowed down the tools that best relate to the current company environment of teams large and small.


Imagine your staff  understanding ‘how to approach their coworkers’, based on their personalities...

Did you know this simple trick has been proven to increase productivity and engagement in the workplace? 

For instance, as a primarily ‘Yellow People Person’, our Founder, Kelly, loves to connect with co-workers on a personal level before she dives into the details.  Conversely, a Green co-worker does not want to waste time and wants to simply get to the details in order to achieve the task at hand.

Successful companies need the combined strength of all the personality types, and employees work best when they understand each other’s strengths and work approach.

 Red Pin Incentives COMBO ALERT  

We love to combine our ‘tools’ for ultimate reward and recognition.

Personality Profiling + Team Building

Personality Profiling x All Divisions + Team Building to showcase Personalities + Staff Launch Party (or Annual Sales Conference) + Annual Gamified Digital Rewards + Ultimate Top Producers Travel Incentives

After your team has completed a personalized Personality Profiling with added Team Building to showcase the personality traits, we then work to build out the goals with each Department. Once we have created a cohesive plan, you could host a Launch Party to kick off the new Gamified Digital Rewards competition that will give employees a continual ‘pat on the back’ throughout the year.  Or, you could kick off the new year with a Sales Conference with all staff to roll out the new year's goals and gamified competitions.  Ultimately, the TOP Producers in each division win the Annual President’s Circle Travel Incentive Trip.


Regardless if your budget allows for outrigger racing off a private island, or building your own cardboard boats in the hotel pool, we are masters of engaging staff to highlight their strengths and collaborative team skills.  Combining Team Building activities with the Personality Profiling gives companies the ultimate understanding of their staff and how best they work together, in addition to elevated morale.

Where to next?

Book with Red Pin Incentives and your staff will be working at optimal level in their core skill set, engaging with co-workers and customers to align with their personality.